I know, this was supposed to be my thoughts on the latest Doctor but episode 2 isn’t available to me and I really need it to make a final judgement. Plus I want to also review the new TARDIS control room and we haven’t seen it yet. Well, some of you have because that’s already aired, but since I missed the boat I need it on demand or catch a rerun. Hopefully next week, but I’ve got something cool for you in the meantime.


I’ve never played Soul Calibur but I did play the original arcade version of Soul Edge (known as Soul Blade in some countries), the game it comes from. The franchise centers around the namesake swords, with have great power but at the cost of great corruption. I’m not usually good at fighting games but I was pretty good at Soul Edge, thanks mostly to the awesome Seong Mi-na, a Korean woman who specialized with a long-reaching weapon the Zanbatou, later known as Scarlet Thunder. (I do better when the opponents can’t reach me.) I did okay with Taki too, but Mi-na (just “Mina in Soul Edge) was clearly my girl to fight with.

In the latest installment of Man At Arms: Reforged the team at Baltimore Knife & Sword decided to take on both these weapons, using a few new and interesting techniques in bringing Soul Edge and Soul Calibur to life. It’s rather interesting to watch all the work that went into making working versions of the swords. Minus the demons and soul sacrifice of course. It’s not THAT authentic. We have laws in this country.

You can catch more episodes at the AWE Me YouTube channel. Since it’s the only show they have now they should just rename it the Man At Arms Reforged channel.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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