Fun fact: This was the first Doctor Who comic I ever owned and the only one I had for years before I got a job (which I no longer have) and was able to look for back issues.

“We weren’t messing with your vegetables.” “That’s the GREEN Giant, you twat!”

Doctor Who #7

Marvel Comics Group (April, 1985)

WRITER: Steve Moore

COVER ARTIST: Dave Gibbons

COVER COLORIST: George Roussos


“Dragon’s Claw”

(originally presented in Doctor Who Weekly #s 44-45–and it’s actually listed in the comic so I don’t have to guess based on research)

ARTIST: Dave Gibbons

EDITOR: Paul Neary

“Abslom Daak: Dalek Killer” parts 2 & 3

(originally presented in Doctor Who Weekly #s 18-19)

ARTIST: Steve Dillon

In the main story the Doctor barely escapes Yueh Kuang and his Sontaran allies with his Companions and Chang. After talking to the deposed abbot, Hsiang The Ancient and investigating the crashed Sontaran scout ship, the group realizes they want to steal the Chinese Emperor’s recently acquired giant rock crystal (“big as a man’s fist” according to Chang) to contact their fleet to invade Earth, telling Kuang he’ll be able to become Emperor after his monks, hypnotized while learning the “Bronze Men” fighting style, kill the royal family. Gathering the novices and Hsiang, Chang and the Doctor force the opening of the Bronze Men hall, which prompts Kuang to use the trigger phrase for his controlled monks. Except the Doctor protects Chang’s ears during it, but not when K-9 uses the recording to switch them back. But Chang knows his enemies, killing Li and the Sontarans while Hsiang defeats Kuang and regains his position as abbot.

What they got right: As much as I hate to bring up “Tooth And Claw” again, this feels more like a martial arts story in the proper Who fashion. Chang is an interesting character.  I hope he survives. I’d kind of like to see what happened to him. The story itself is well written and enjoyable.

What they got wrong: I can’t really complain about anything critically or personally.

In Daak’s adventure he and Taiyin escape the palace, but not by Daak’s chosing as he’s hoping one of the Daleks do kill him…but he doesn’t want it to be easy. Something happened in his past, with a woman named Selene, the only person Daak doesn’t hate. Taiyin reminds him of her, but she tries to prove he isn’t as suicidal as he thinks by leading him to the Dalek ship…and for some reason joining him.

What they got right: We get a little hint about Daak’s backstory and why he has a murder rage on. There’s some really good action.

What they got wrong: Why does Taiyin care so much about Daak? She can’t be falling for him considering how little they’ve actually interacted and that she hasn’t had a lot of time, even with that peek into his history, to see him as anything to be redeemed outside of telling her to get her people to safety.

The comic also features four short reviews of Doctor Who novelizations that came to the US during the Target Books run.

Recommendation: This was a great first issue for me to start on. Highly recommended for fans of the fourth Doctor.


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  1. Sean says:

    Did you get this Doctor Who issue when you were in high school? If so, did you get it at the comic shop 10 miles up the river? That comic shop 10 miles up the river is where I got all my Doctor Who issues when I was in middle school and high school. I got them with my allowance money from doing household chores first and then my job money when I started working at age 15. I still have every Marvel Doctor Who issue from the 1980s. I even still have some issues of the Marvel Doctor Who large size comics from the 1990s. Same comic shop was my source. It’s a great place and still in business.


    • Been so long I can’t remember.


      • Sean says:

        I remember that my first Doctor Who comic book was Marvel’s issue 11. It came out in 1985, but I got it some time in 1986 at the comic shop up the river from us. So not only was that comic shop a way for me to get Comico Robotech comics, but it was also how I was able to pick up Doctor Who comics. I see you have some good articles since 2 days ago. I’ll have to check them tomorrow as I’m feeling too tired tonight (been feeling tired most of the week). I did read the other three issues of 2012 DC MOTU last Friday. Just haven’t gotten around to writing my impressions. I’ll try to do that tomorrow too.


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