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“Today I become a Pokémon master!”

Transformers: Saga Of The All-Spark #4


IDW Publishing (October, 2008)

WRITER: Simon Furman

LETTERER: Jimmy Betancourt


IDW EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

“Starscream’s Militia”

(originally presented in Transformers Comic Magazine #7)


COLORIST: Robin Smith

“Scorpion Sting”

(originally presented in Transformers Comic Magazine #8)

ARTIST: Staz Johnson

COLORIST: Kris Carter

Just after the events of the movie Starscream uses the All-Spark energy in some of the mutations to reanimate his fallen comrades (except for Megatron of course) as a zombie army. Ratchet figures it out and how to stop them but Starscream manages to escape with the cubes of some of the mutations. For some reason the city is given as Los Angeles rather than Mission City, but that would happen in the second movie too, so maybe someone somewhere got something wrong. It’s a decent short story. It’s also the only story since the first issue where the All-Spark even matters, which is a problem when you title your miniseries “Saga Of The All-Spark“!

The final story for this reprinting is Ironhide teaming with a special mission team to hunt down Scorponok. But Scorponok is able to take control of Ironhide’s body and the special mission group has to separate them. Ironhide then smashes Scorponok, although he appears in the second movie. Also I don’t know why Furman decided to use a different team, claim that they still want him as badly as Lennox’s team because they’re all special forces, when it doesn’t even factor into the story. I’d also like to know why the panels are shrunk on the page.

Overall, Saga Of The All-Spark is not a must-own miniseries even if you liked the Michael Bay movies. The art in inconsistent but rarely great, the stories aren’t very interesting even when they fit the allotted space, and it contradicts other official adaptations which themselves were reduced to non-canon by the movies. Stick to the IDW originals and adaptations if you really want Transformers movieverse stories.

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