I wasn’t going to do a post again tonight. I figured I’d start fresh tomorrow. But then I saw a trailer for Reign Of The Supermen, the other half of a New 52 style animated retelling of the Death & Life Of Superman story line. You know, like the book I just finished reading for Chapter By Chapter. And now I kind of wish I waited on this one for branding purposes. Oh well, here’s the trailer.

I like the updated design on Steel. I’m not sure how he made the Iron Man style collapsing built-in helmet if he’s still supposed to be working in his basement, I don’t care how skilled John Irons is at engineering. But given what prop makers and cosplayers sometimes pull off in the real world I can suspend that disbelief in the fake one. Not having seen the Death Of Superman movie they made I think last year I couldn’t tell you how the Eradicator, Hank, or Superboy will come into this, or Man Of Steel for that matter. But it does look interesting despite the New 52 outfits and tone. I still want to see the first one before this one though. It still looks leagues better (no pun intended for the DC animation) than that attempt they made in the DCAU look some years ago. That wasn’t bad (compared to Brainiac Attacks at least, the movie just before it) but it still felt a bit rushed.

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