This is a side of Roy none of us wanted to see.

Robotech: Tempest

Academy Comics Ltd (September, 1995)

WRITER: Sean Bishop

ARTIST: Michelle Birchfield

This story takes place during the Return To Macross/Academy Blues time period. Someone steals a Veritech and Roy Fokker is sent to bring them down. Instead they both crash on an island. Fighting each other as well as the heat (weather, not what the cover shows) Roy learns that the girl’s family was killed during the global war and is sure the Veritechs will be used the same way. However she decides to commit suicide, not wanting to live with the memories anymore as Roy is rescued.

What they got right: The art is okay. I have nothing against the concept.

What they got wrong: The execution however is lacking. Like Roy said, what was she supposed to do with the thing? For that matter how the heck did she learn to operate it in both Guardian and Battloid modes? Rick Hunter was a skilled airplane pilot so he could handle the fighter and Guardian modes but even he couldn’t handle the Battloid. And where the heck is security? You’d think after two mecha thefts they’d protect the darn things better, and yet some young woman manages to kill two guards and steal a Veritech? On the technical side of things the letterer (not credited unless it was Bishop or Birchfield) didn’t use any sound effects. I don’t just mean the fights or the Veritech taking off, I mean Roy picks up a phone and says “hello” but it didn’t appear to ring. Sound effects in comics exist for a reason.

Recommendation: A good idea but ultimately the story goes nowhere and doesn’t appear to impact anything. Not really worth hunting down.

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  1. Sean says:

    Why does the cover have all of that “passionate innuendo” when it seems as though the comic’s actual story never had such a scene happen in it? It always bothers me when covers of comics or books don’t match what really happens inside the pages.


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