Isn’t it a bit early for the obligatory beach episode?

Robotech: Academy Blues #3

Academy Comics Ltd (October, 1995)


WRITER: Robert Gibson

ARTIST: Laz Berry

COVER ART: Sean Bishop


The tour of the SDF-1 begins, but Joker hears some strange broadcast in certain locations of the area. Two soldiers try to push him, Red, Lisa, and Rolf back into the tour but Joker continues to hear the noise. Just as one of the soldiers starts to panic and shoot at them a machine bursts out of the ground and takes off. A Veritech squadron goes after the probe. while the others confront the soldiers. They are two nationalists, people upset at the new one-world government and still love their country. Rolf stops one from committing suicide. Between this excitement and the debriefings Lisa is shaken and seeks support from Lori, who knows what they went through. Even Lori is getting bothered by Lisa’s father and she’s going to have to deal with that, but she’d rather hear from Karl.

I don’t hate this comic but I do have more problems than compliments. I’m not sure we needed yet another faction in the continuing struggles around the SDF-1. You already have the RDF, the Faithful, and others with their own thoughts. Now we have yet another group that appears to be a potential threat just as the whole fanatic arm of the Faithful was shut down. But I think my biggest problem is, and it could just be me mind you, it feels a bit preachy about the nature of boarders, and how they seem to be replacing nations with solar systems. I do like the character moments though.

The art is hit or miss. Sometimes Lisa’s hair looks too bright. I’m not sure if that’s Roy or someone else outside Lisa’s barracks. I had trouble telling Joker and Rolf apart without the word balloons.

Overall it isn’t a bad comic, just one that really didn’t connect with me, and not one I’d call a must-have unless the nationalists are going to be a big deal coming up, which I’m not too sure about so soon after the Faithful incident.


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  1. Sean says:

    “Is this the Robotech Illustrated Swimsuit Issue?”


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