Seriously, Linus and Franklin are the only two people I would trust to have Charlie Brown’s back, and one of them is on the opposing baseball team. He’s also the “straight man” and probably the most sane character. Which is tough sitting near Peppermint Patty in school.

And that’s not the only complaint that’s come up on the internet recently concerning a holiday special. I’ll get into that on Tuesday. Look up the history of Franklin sometime. It’s quite fascinating. For a black kid in 1963 to be one of Charlie Brown’s best friends (I could see Charlie, Linus, and Franklin hanging out in college or something) was not only a huge fight to convince the publisher it would be well received but to convince others he wasn’t just what today would be called an “SJW character” but would from the start be a fitting addition to the Peanuts gang was something you wouldn’t see. Peanuts and its creator fought for a good story and to show we could all get along. Naturally some people refuse to see that lesson much less follow it.

Over at The Clutter Reports this week I put up my Christmas decorations. It was a late post because I was up late getting caught up on decorating and other stuff. My friend was also over and showed me the first issue of IDW’s GoBots comic. I didn’t really read it because Tom Scioli stuff a lot into a page and I didn’t want to be a rude host. I’m not a fan of his art style but he actually drew the main six GoBots like their toys instead of their cartoons, which I appreciated. However, they still hit a pet peeve button by spelling it wrong. GoBots, not Go-Bots, IDW! Do your research! Otherwise I really can’t comment if it’s any good.

But I will be commenting on other things this week. This week’s Chapter By Chapter of Tom Clancy’s Op Center will actually BE one chapter since we finally have a full-length chapter. We have the previously mentioned commentary coming up on Tuesday. And with Art Soundoff over for the year the Morning Article Link returns as I try to get more Christmas content into the site this month. So if any of you folks out there find any good Christmas or Hanukkah-themed articles and videos (or even a web comic or something), and that does include something YOU made, feel free to send them to me. You can look at previous Christmas Spotlight postings to see what I’m looking for. I have a Christmas superhero and Christmas review to do and could use the extra time. More content to come though.


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  1. Sean says:

    Nice pics of your Christmas decorations (from the Clutter Page). You can decorate early because you don’t have a cat. My parents have to wait until the week before Christmas to decorate because their little calico cat messes around with the decorations too much. I should get a chance to read the Gobots comic book this weekend along with Robotech #14. I definitely need to read Robotech #14 because Robotech #15 will be out next Wednesday! My, oh my….November certainly did go by fast. Here’s hoping that everybody has a fantastic December.


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