Yes, long time readers, I know I’ve done this one before, but this time I have a new link from what I think is an official site. I’ve also done a review, which I’ll add at the bottom just for fun, but I did just add closed captions. It is a timeless Christmas classic, although one I’m not sure everyone remembers.

The Little Drummer Boy is a song from 1941 by teacher and composer Katherine Davis, first recorded a decade later by the Von Trappe family, and made most popular in 1958 by the Vienna Boys Choir, who sing the song here and if memory serves put me in a Content ID fight with YouTube when I posted the review. (I won because it’s a review.) Originally titled “Carol Of The Drum”, it tells a short tale of a boy who has no gift for the newborn Jesus but plays a song on his drum to make him smile, a song from the heart. Rankin Bass expanded on the song to show why playing a drum would be so important, because at first the boy didn’t have a heart to play with.

And one of my old Christmas video reviews was on this special. So here’s that for you, now with captions.

All my thoughts on the special are there.

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