Terry isn’t a fan of opera.

Batman Beyond #5

DC Comics (March 2000)

“Perfect Pitch”

WRITER: Hilary J. Bader

PENCILER: Craig Rosseau

INKER: Rob Leigh

COLORIST: Lee Loughridge

LETTERER: Tim Harkins


EDITOR: Darren Vincenzo

Shriek and his pal Slick manage to escape from prison. Shriek has a new plan, to find the right sonic frequency to vibrate apart Batman’s high-tech costume. Once Bruce figures this out, Terry uses some of old lower-tech Bat-gear (made of different materials) to surprise Shriek and stop him. Now Shreeve opts to focus on tech that will allow him and others like him to regain their hearing. (It is mentioned that his hearing is so far gone even a cochlear implant won’t help.)

What they got right: It’s Shriek’s ambition that gets the better of him but also Bruce’s cleverness. (His body isn’t what it was but his mind still is.) There are also panels from Shriek’s perspective, where the dialog balloons are blank to indicate that he can’t hear what the person is saying, since he can only read lips now.

What they got wrong: However, there are a few panels where he couldn’t possibly be able to read a character’s lips, especially given his helmet design, but somehow he can still “hear” them.

Recommendation: A rather good Batman story if you like the future Batman. Give it a read.

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