Unless you have a morning DJ that still plays them or a station that still plays 50s music from the likes of the Big Bopper the only time you’ll hear a novelty song these days on the radio is at Christmas. I think that shows what sad sacks we’re becoming as a species, but that’s an article for another time. Christmas novelty songs celebrate that fun side of Christmas, unless it’s one of those songs that trashes Christmas traditions. As much as I love Weird Al, and even find “Christmas At Ground Zero” amusing, I really could do without “The Night Santa Went Crazy”. I’m not sure what that tells you about my tastes.

One of the popular ones is “Santa Baby”. Written by a senator’s daughter interestingly enough, the song is about a golddigger hoping to either get some expensive goodies from Santa by seducing a centuries-old man or a woman trying to get some stuff from her boyfriend, including possibly a wedding ring. If we’re still on the former, Santa’s spoken for toots. The song has been covered from Madonna (who for some odd reason tried to do a Betty Boop impersonation) to RuPaul (who also has this voice in the background, also RuPaul, that’s intentionally nasty). However, if I didn’t use the original version from the late Eartha Kitt I’m sure I’d be yelled at.

Quite an interesting Christmas list. The only one I couldn’t figure out (besides on how one fits a duplex in a stocking…unless the stocking’s from Gallifrey or something) is the sable she wants under the tree. I looked this up on Wikipedia, but the sable their article points to is a mongoose-looking thing that’s highly prized for their fur. I’m guessing “stole” wouldn’t have worked with the rhythm or something, or maybe sable stoles were the rage in 1953 when Eartha Kitt with Henri René and his orchestra first recorded the song. So she wants a fur stole and a fur coat. I’m assuming she doesn’t live in Arizona or something. Well, the writer’s dad was a senator from New York.

The only other thing to really note is that there is no version by Marilyn Monroe like some people think. According to Wikipedia, it was performed by Cynthia Basinet in 1997. I don’t know, this is from back when you could have songs that weren’t signatures of one performer and one performer only (I think the last song like that was either “Mary Did You Know” or “Where Are You Christmas”) so there are a lot of covers out there and I don’t think I’ve mentioned them all over the course of this article. Madonna’s version was based on a more up-tempo version Kitt did but I still don’t get the Betty Boop voice unless she just really wanted to do the “boop boop di do” part as Betty.

There really isn’t much else to say about the song though. It’s kind of shallow by design since that’s the character being played here, just a shallow woman wanted expensive gifts and one can at best question if she’s lying about having been so good (or possibly not cheating on her beau) all year. It’s not one of my must listen to songs but I’m sure it’s on someone’s and it’s still kind of fun for the older folks. I can give a little leeway on this one.

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