This is why it took so long for the home renovation show craze to start up.

Thor volume 3 #17

Marvel Comics (November, 1999)

“The Eighth Day” part 1

WRITER: Dan Jurgens

ARTISTS: John Romita Jr. & Klaus Janson

COLORISTS: Gregory Wright & Matt Hicks


EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

(continued from Iron Man vol. 3 #21) This is not Thor’s day. One of the enchanters, a threat I guess he was fighting at the time, kicks his butt and then runs off to watch his fellow enchanters kill Odin. But before Thor can go to help he’s dragged into battle with the Juggernaut, stronger than ever but on the verge of madness. Loki, disguised as Odin, uses the flames to learn that two others have been empowered by brethren of Cyttorak, the entity that used his Crimson Bands to turn Cain Marko into Juggernaut, have called their own champions, the “Kestrel Key Of Krakkan” turning one woman into Conquest and another using the Ivory Idol Of Ikonn to become Bedlam. They come for their brother, leaving Thor wondering which fight he should resume, the one for Odin or the one for Midgard? (continued in Iron Man vol. 3 #22)

What they got right: Despite Thor being on the losing end the battles were pretty good. Loki speeds up the story by introducing the other two exemplars for the crossover.

What they got wrong: The art was okay, but only by 1990s standards. There are some panels that just don’t look very good in facial closeups. There’s one panel of a guy asking a woman to marry him that ended up being amusing but the guy’s facial expression was creepy. I also would have liked to have seen the introductions of the others in their own story, like with Inferno’s in the prologue, which apparently Loki didn’t get shown because she’s never mentioned. Oh, and why are ALL the other exemplars besides Juggernaut women? That’s not much diversity there. Abraxis from Armageddon: Inferno at least tried to balance out his servants better.

Recommendation: While I think this story appears to be interfering with whatever is happening in Thor at that time, it’s a good start to the crossover. Hopefully it stays a decent story.

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  1. […] from Thor volume 3 #17) Iron Man manages to stop Inferno from destroying the Antiquarians and learn she’s Sam. […]


  2. […] That story begins with Tony investigating a dig in the arctic for a museum, one that it turns out Abner Little purchased to trick Stark into joining his team. Also along is a local pilot named Sam who really hates the cold but can’t afford to leave. What they find are a pair of giant doors they don’t want to risk damaging but are having trouble finding a way in. Two of Little’s competitors in the Council Of Antiquarians, Count Andreas Zorba and Princess Zanda, arrive in a rather spectacular fashion, causing Iron Man to go into action. During the confusion, Little’s partner, Doctor J. Vernon “Java” Mann, finds a switch that opens a smaller door and Sam stumbles into it, being warm for the first time in a long time, and finds the Brazier Of Balthakk, transforming her into a new villain named Inferno, who plans to unleash the “eighth day”. (Continued in Thor volume 3 #17) […]


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