“I hate these new escape rooms”

Iron Man volume 3 #22

Marvel Comics (November, 1999)

“The Eighth Day” part 2: “The Thrill Of The Chase!”

WRITERS: Kurt Busiek & Roger Stern


INKERS: Hunter, Morales, Nelson, and Cannon

COLORIST: Steve Oliff

LETTERER: Troy Peteri

EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

(Continuing from Thor volume 3 #17) Iron Man manages to stop Inferno from destroying the Antiquarians and learn she’s Sam. Realizing the connection with Juggernaut and that this temple may be related to the one Marko Cain gained his powers, Mann locates another temple, which has already been claimed by Pigman, another Antiquarian. This one calls out to Zorba, turning him into Carnivore. Iron Man distracts him from the others until the arrival of Tempest and Decay, a game warden from Australia and a Stark-Fujikawa associate visiting an oil platform in Tahiti respectively, who spirit him away when Thor arrives. Meanwhile, Mann deciphers the glyphs on the temple wall and learns what’s going on. Juggernaut was chosen early (or possibly the spell to call all the avatars was interrupted), but now all the other avatars are awakening, each bearing a fraction of the power of eight arguing mystic entities. When the final avatar is called a great battle will be fought by them all until one remains standing. The question is what kind of collateral damage will happen in the meantime. (Continued in Peter Parker: Spider-Man volume 2 #11)

What they got right: For a small crossover this is a good idea for a storyline. I like the designs of the avatars and the mystics. The artists do a good job here.

What they got wrong: I can’t think of any complaints off-hand.

Recommendation: “The Eighth Day” has been a good storyline thus far. If it stays that way this is worth checking out.

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  1. […] from Iron Man volume 3 #22) Mary Jane isn’t happy that Peter is Spider-Man again, but he isn’t happy […]


  2. […] (continued from Iron Man vol. 3 #21) This is not Thor’s day. One of the enchanters, a threat I guess he was fighting at the time, kicks his butt and then runs off to watch his fellow enchanters kill Odin. But before Thor can go to help he’s dragged into battle with the Juggernaut, stronger than ever but on the verge of madness. Loki, disguised as Odin, uses the flames to learn that two others have been empowered by brethren of Cyttorak, the entity that used his Crimson Bands to turn Cain Marko into Juggernaut, have called their own champions, the “Kestrel Key Of Krakkan” turning one woman into Conquest and another using the Ivory Idol Of Ikonn to become Bedlam. They come for their brother, leaving Thor wondering which fight he should resume, the one for Odin or the one for Midgard? (continued in Iron Man vol. 3 #22) […]


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