We have an update on Sony’s continued development of a Masters Of The Universe movie, and that update is basically it’s still being done. With yet another rewrite in the works (hopefully not waiting on Skeletor and trying to force a multi-part story out of it, as earlier news has indicated) I’m surprised Sony is still being allowed to work on it since the rights are back at Mattel. (I wonder if I can convince the right people to make it animated so you can really get the franchise’s oddities right, since Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse has been the only Spidey movie Sony has gotten solo praise for since Spider-Man 2?) Speaking of which, Mattel is apparently following Hasbro’s example and starting their own movie studio, with a Barbie movie being considered.

From Midnight’s Edge, here’s the latest news on He-Man and Mattel Films.


You can catch more reports on Midnight’s Edge’s YouTube channel.

Personally I just can’t get excited, considering how badly old kids show adaptations are right now, especially if they go from cartoon to live-action. They have a tendency to court the older fans, cater to jaded college kids while barely if it all resembling the original (thus ticking off those older fans), and leave any new kids behind in the dust by no longer making it a kids property. I can’t wait for the cries that Sesame Street needs to age with its audience. The internet already seems to insist that Bert and Ernie are a gay couple no matter what the creators officially state.

If they would remember the original demographic while still playing to the original audience (fat chance) a Wheeled Warriors or Dino-Riders movie could work. Especially Dino-Riders. People riding dinosaurs into battle? What kid wouldn’t want to watch that?


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  1. Sean says:

    A combined Masters of the Universe/Barbie movie would be foolish. Have them come out as separate films. I do look forward to a Masters of the Universe movie coming out in hopefully 2020. Hey, I still have to watch the full Masters of the Universe film from 1987. I’ve only seen clips of it courtesty of bwspotlight, Tronix. Other Mattel property movies I would be interested in seeing are Bravestarr and Dinoriders. I never really watched Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors. I was aware of it when I was a kid, but I never turned the television dial to that particular cartoon. If I became a little more familiar with that Mattel property, then perhaps I would also be interested in viewing such a movie. With this potential Masters of the Universe film, I’m already trying to guess what actors and actresses would be in such a creation.


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