“These chains are enchanted and just enough Kryptonite mixed in to only slightly weaken his powers. How will he break them?”

Superman Adventures #42

DC Comics (April, 2000)

“Living (Scott) Free”

WRITER: Mark Evanier

PENCILER: Neil Vokes

INKER: Terry Austin

COLORIST: Marie Severin


LETTERER: Phil Felix

EDITOR: Joey Cavalieri

Scott Free is the only person ever to escape Granny Goodness’s orphanage on Apokolips, and she isn’t happy about it. Now he’s a famous escape artist on Earth calling himself Mister Miracle, but his performances in Metropolis are running into a snag…Superman keeps saving him! However, he’s going to need saving by Superman and Apokolips rebel Big Barda when Granny tries to use a performance in a Daily Planet charity event to set him up to die. Instead, Mister Miracle takes the bomb planted in his trick back to Apokolips, damaging the orphanage and allowing the kids to escape. Barda helps him return to Earth and Superman agrees to stop trying to save him when the stunt’s going right because he honestly does respect life, including his own.

What they got right: It’s actually a pretty good idea. Superman, who goes out of his way to save people from harm, and Mister Miracle, who goes out of his way to put his life in danger. It makes for a good team-up, and Scott Free’s backstory of being the one who escaped Goodness’ orphanage and how that may inspire even the brainwashed of Apokolips is interesting.

What they got wrong: It seems like Superman doesn’t know what an escape artist is. I’m sure he saw them on TV growing up and heard of Harry Houdini. He went to Zatara to train in how to overcome his weakness to magic. I understand rescuing him the first time since he didn’t know what was going on, or the second time, but not understanding why he’s risking his life (granted not knowing his backstory) to the degree that he almost doesn’t help someone else thinking it’s his stunt, or being surprised that he practices a stunt TO STAY SAFE IN THE ACTUAL STUNT just seems odd. Also, one of the rebels is Lashina, which might have been what she was doing in the comics around this time but it wasn’t her character in the DCAU. She actually took over leadership when Big Barda left the Furies to join the rebel movement.

Recommendation: A fun story that someone exaggerates Superman’s misunderstanding of escape artists. Worth checking out though.


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