Here’s another one from the Retroist, although my focus is less on Rich Hall’s appearance in an Atari commercial but rather his famous “sniglet” routine. One of my school classes even took part in a sniglet contest. We didn’t win, and that’s all I remember about that. The commercial, in case you’re interested, tries to make the case that playing Atari games is better than going to the movies. Interestingly, Atari in its original form never realized the day when video games became movies or at least cinematic. (We’re still waiting for the days video game movies are as good as book adaptations. Look how long it took comics.) Also, discussion of the Atari 5200.

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  1. Sean says:

    I miss those Atari video game graphics even though the younger folks would label such graphics as “primitive”. Well, I’ll take the old Pole Position over Fortnite any day! Thanks for the reminder about sniglets. Sniglets were lots of fun. When was that sniglet contest? Was that when we were in elementary school or during middle school? Didn’t there also used to be books of sniglets? Or is that the Mad-Libs books I’m thinking of? With the bad quality of many modern movies, I’d definitely rather be playing Atari!


    • I think it was in middle school. I don’t remember if we were in the same class. There were books on sniglets (that was part of the contest if memory serves).


      • Sean says:

        Maybe that was in 5th grade then. I was in your middle school classes in 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade. Yes, sniglets were fun. I also really enjoyed the Mad-Libs books. Great middle school memories.


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