It took five issues, but we finally have Autobot versus Decepticon and no human villains. And it’s the last issue.

Transformers Animated: The Arrival #5


IDW Publishing (December, 2008)

WRITER: Marty Isenberg

COLORIST: Liam Shalloo

SELECTED COVER ART: Marcelo Matere (assisted on colors by Priscilla Tramontano)

LETTERER: Chris Mowry

EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

“Survival Skills”

PENCILER: Dario Brizuela

INKER: Leandro Corral

“Everything Must Go”


From my original review:

It should be noted that Marty Isenberg is head writer for the animated series. Here he gives us another “old days” Cybertron story where Optimus battles Megatron..sort of. In the modern tale, Scourge plays Daffy Duck to Blitzwing and Lugnut’s Foghorn Leghorn and the Dog.

What they got right: The art and style are consistent with the cartoon. I do love seeing what Cybertron is like in the Animated Universe, and anytime somebody wants to let Blitzwing and Lugnut take each other out (although if I had to choose the survivor, it would be Blitzwing, as Lugnut makes me want to scrap him) is doing fine with me.

What they got wrong: One review for the newsgroups said he would have liked the first story to be the dominant one, as the “backup” is actually longer. Frankly, I didn’t think we needed the backup story. Looney Tunes did it much better. (They had Daffy, after all.) Watching Optimus take part in survival training would have been a far more interesting story on it’s own, which made have made the surprise (if we hadn’t seen it before) ending more interesting. At least it doesn’t feel like a cop-out.

Updated thoughts: This was not the intended final issue. Issue #6 was supposed to be released as an exclusive issue first with the Safeguard two-pack toy and the comic was never released outside of that and a trade collection. Here’s TF Wiki’s summary, since I most likely will never get this issue. When I could find Safeguard it was when I couldn’t lay the money down. As a fan of Combiners and this team having a unique combination (unless you count the twins in GaoGaiGar) I feel like I missed out. Also the comic actually has Autobots versus Decepticons, which we barely got in this issue and nowhere else in the comic series.

Recommendation: Don’t lose any sleep if you miss this issue. At the time I liked having it as a Transformers fan but times change and frankly only one story in the whole miniseries worked for me besides the first one here. If I keep them it’s out of wanting to keep the full series together for just this and “Bots Of Science“.

And with that the Transformers leaves “Yesterday’s” Comic unless I buy some back issues in the future. (New comics would be a Today’s Comic feature.) I have a few trades for Scanning My Collection, some more minicomics for Free Comic Inside, and some movieverse novels that may show up in Chapter By Chapter someday but otherwise you’ll have to get your Transformers fix over at The Clutter Reports as I continue to review and cut down my toy collection along with the rest of my clutter. Now I just have to figure out what to do next week in this slot?

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