(insert overdone hentai joke here)

Elementals volume 3 #2

Comico Comics (January, 1996)

“Birth Of A Supernation” part 2

WRITER: Jack Herman


INKER: Phil Moy

COLORIST: Wallace Lowe


Monolith joins Vortex, Morningstar, and Fathom at whatever house they went to last issue (see “other notes”) to help battle the multi-eyed demon things invading it. Later, the quartet compare notes and learn that the house has a dark history of murder and witchcraft. Meanwhile on Nacht Island, Tommy Czuchra (a former Elemental and apparently leader of the island or something) declares the place a sovereign nation and refuge for other paranormals (which I assume are people with paranormal powers, treated like the mutants of the Marvel universe) after the events of the Oblivion War. This has the US military concerned as they’re being sent out, England neutral, and Russia wondering they’ll buy their space station. Vortex just wants to watch something else on TV than the analysis.

What they got right: The art is pretty good, but the coloring is really good. We get a brief summary of the Oblivion War event for newcomers, since it’s important to the story arc. I’m assuming it’s explained in the previous issue or something why Fathom’s head is shaved.

What they got wrong: Why does the White House portion start with President Clinton talking to Hilary over the phone over something Chelsea did? Was there some news event I missed where this joke meant something? Did she vote Republican? I know she was a teen at the time but this feels a bit out-of-place in the story.

Other Notes: This and the previous issue were part of that Comic try-out kit I mentioned in the E-Man review. Elementals is actually a long-running series for Comico as far back as the 1980s and part of their superhero universe. I have the first issue, but it’s in a polybag with a special trading card and thought opening it would drop the resale value if this issue didn’t sell me on it. Having seen the ads often I was curious to check the series out and while I thought it was well done, I’m not sure it’s what I’m looking for and won’t be opening the first issue. Superheroes killing monsters and foul language rarely interests me.

Recommendation: It may not be to my tastes but it is a good comic. Worth checking out if you don’t mind the darker stuff, but not too dark.

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