It’s been too long since we did anything Ultraman-related here at the Spotlight, so Shout Factory decided to fix that. Ultraman Leo is the seventh Ultra Series show, following after Ultraman Taro. Leo is not from the usual Ultra worlds of Nebula M78 but planet L77 the Leo constellation. I’m not sure what qualifies as being an Ultra Being but that means he’s not one of the Ultra Brothers. He’s the last survivor of his home planet, destroyed by an alien menace that’s set its sites on Earth, naturally starting with Japan because where else do you attack with giant monsters except around the Pacific Ocean. Why do you think the Power Rangers all seem to be around California, even it looks like New Zealand?

In this first episode we also see Ultraseven in action. This one you might have seen on TV in that subpar dub from Ted Turner’s company. However, while he will be part of this series, this first episode is called “Death Of Seven!” so it won’t be much of a part. Can Leo avenge Seven? Since this is part one of a two-parter it’s going to be a bit longer to find out. I should warn you that Shout Factory’s subtitles in this video are a bit glitchy.

According to the Ultraman wiki, Ultraman Leo was a rather dark show. Tsuburaya were worried that the previous show, Ultraman Taro, leaned too far towards the kids and it hurt their ratings with adults. So they went darker…and hurt their ratings with kids, as well as their overall rating. See, darker isn’t always better! The production of the show was also delayed, which meant Taro had to make more episodes to keep an Ultra on the TV schedule.

If you want to see how the story ends and the rest of the series, Shout Factory TV has it up on their site for viewing but no home video release just yet.

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