Last week I posted a video about how celebrities are carving a place on YouTube that may negatively affect the celebrities created by YouTube. It’s no secret that mainstream media, both in news and entertainment, have a negative or at least dismissive attitude about YouTubers, much as they do for voice actors and animation. This is has led to negative press and poor representation by TV shows who don’t even know how computer keyboards work. (The old “two people typing on the same keyboard to make the things go faster” nonsense.) It’s worse for the gaming community since video games are also under attack by the mainstream media. At stake are the ad revenue, which I’m sure the TV channels would rather keep to themselves but these indie creators often live on.

However, YouTubers and other low-budget entertainment like Twitch actually do a lot to benefit their audiences, including charities and just giving their viewers a place to see others who share their interests and meet people. With the YouTube gamers getting the worst of it, there should be no surprise that MatPat, the creator of the Game Theorists channel and franchise, would take to his platform for another v-log in the attempt to put YouTube and Twitch creators into a more positive light. And it’s about time the other entertainment people out there saw that you don’t have to be Netflix, which operates their original shows like a TV network, to bring entertainment to the masses. Plus how often do you see a charity on the big studios’ streaming services?

You can catch Game Theory and The Science Of…, a show that looks at the virtual world through the lens of real world science, on their YouTube channel.

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