“I always expected to die in my plane.”

Robotech: Civil War Stories

Academy Comics, Ltd (December, 1996)

WRITER: Robert W. Gibson

ARTIST: D. S. Villalovos

Gloval has his meeting with Wendell, his old friend from the last big war and now spokesperson for the Federalists. He’s hoping Wendell can track down some of the potential extremists that have taken over attacking the Macross Project. As he waits, Gloval remembers a battle from the war. They thought the attack would be easy but it turned out the enemy base was better defended than they thought. Roy and Virgil were two of the pilots in a bad position. Gloval’s ship managed to get through the jamming and contacted Wendell for help. Wendell tried to get the go ahead from Admiral Hayes but he was too sure that his intel was right about the main battle and refused, saying he needed those planes. Wendell managed to get them back-up anyway, saving the ships from a potential disaster. In the present Wendell presents Gloval with a list of potential extremists, including some who managed to worm their way into the RDF. They part with different beliefs but still friends.

What they got right: The story itself is fine. Nothing spectacular and really doesn’t do a lot to further the pre-show years but as a pre-SDF war story it’s entertaining. The art has better posing and body language than we’ve been seeing.

What they got wrong: However, the linework itself is a bit overdetailed and just looks strange. Also, I thought Gloval and Wendell’s meeting went horribly wrong, or at least that’s what Bennington said when mentioning it. It seemed to go okay here, although with Academy losing the license and nobody continuing the series (future license holders pretty much ignored the Eternity and Academy early years and made their own origins) we won’t get to see any of Gloval’s alleged strikes on the Federalist extremists.

Recommendation: If you need the complete Robotech comics library it isn’t too bad a story and worth reading. It’s not really a must-own story for Robotech fans or readers in general but not a bad one to read.

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