Disney has gotten really huge in recent years with their acquisitions of Lucasfilm, Marvel, and more recently Fox among their many owned production companies and their upcoming streaming empire. Disney has really pushed themselves as a multimedia entertainment juggernaut. However, it hasn’t been a perfect run. Their Star Wars films have gotten lukewarm (no pun intended) to very angry responses, the latest Marvel movie is their most controversial, and people are still worried 20th Century Fox will no longer show R movies despite Disney’s other companies not under the Disney banner still making R movies.

Recently Disney announced their upcoming schedule for the next few years and Andre of Midnight’s Edge looks into what this schedule means for Marvel and Star Wars movies as well as what will come out from the latest member of the Disney family. Be warned that there’s a visual swear in this video.

Catch more Midnight’s Edge on their YouTube channel.

I noticed Andre missed a “Cruella” movie. Please tell me they aren’t going to do with Cruella DeVille what they did with Malificent and give her a movie where they turn her into the hero because that was dumb the first time. Disney also listed a bunch of “untitled live-action” movies, and while I would hope for a remake or sequel to something like The Black Hole or a better Witch Mountain movie–something tied to their classic live-action films besides Mary Poppins or Herbie, I’m betting it’s more live-action remakes of their classic animated stories that will probably not hold a candle to those movies given their history. Even Pete’s Dragon was a re-imagining…and barely that since from what I can tell the only things similar is a boy named Pete has access to a dragon. I was frankly surprised to see the words “animation” show up at all, although the only animated items with titles are Fox’s Bob’s Burgers movie, the Frozen sequel already getting teasers, and the finale to the Toy Story series.

We have no official confirmation that I’m aware of that Rian Johnson isn’t getting his sequel but I’m sure few Star Wars fans would miss him given how little he seems to understand or even care about the franchise lore or his fellow directors given how much of Abrams’ ideas he tossed out in his subversion quest. We’ll have to wait and see what will happen there. I also wonder why they’re making a sequel to James Cameron’s Avatar since the visuals were the only praise the movie got while the story is often criticized for its many failures.

They also appear to be remaking West Side Story and I admit I’m rather curious how that will come out. There’s also an untitled Kingsman movie, which just reminds me I really have to see the first two. I can’t see anything right now I’m really interested in. What about you folks? Anything you really want to see?

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