It was on that day that Wendell met his mom.

A Sheets Story

The Lion Forge (2019)

WRITER/ARTIST: Brenna Thummler

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY REVIEW: A Sheets Story is a preview for an upcoming graphic novel. This tale finds a girl and her ghost sheet friend visiting her grandma while discussing getting your ear pierced. It’s a fun, sweet story. Curious about the GN.

Marjorie goes with her family to her grandmother’s for Mother’s Day, but without her actual mom she’s not happy about it. She also sneaks along Wendell, her best friend who happens to be a ghostly sheet. She’s also looking to get her ears pierced but not necessarily for the right reasons. She’s just doing it to be cool and “mature”. Marj’s brother Owen ends up using Wendell (whom he doesn’t know is a ghost sheet) as part of a Mother’s Day gift for Grandma, but she lets Marjorie take the sheet back and the two bond over her mother and a shared interest in sewing. Somehow this convinces Marjorie to forget about getting her ears pierced.

What they got right: I like the art style. Marjorie and Owen aren’t exaggerated stereotypes. Marj is a good girl doing what teenage girls do while dealing with the lack of a mother (I can relate since mine passed away recently) and the closest thing to “bratty little brother” Owen gets is taking her sheet (secretly Wendell) without her permission for grandma’s present. Wendell himself is also interesting and I am curious to see how he and Marjorie became friends.

What they got wrong: There may be too many potential stories put together here. Marjorie not thinking her grandmother is a substitute for her mom, wanting to pierce her ears, a potential adventure with Wendell in an unfamiliar area…it’s okay together but as separate tales more could have been done with them. Or if there had been more space like the graphic novel this previews the writer would have had the time to give these stories more length. Together in a regular comic they all feel a bit short

Recommendation: A decent comic and I do hope the writer can do more with the graphic novel. Might be worth looking into.

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