Superman: The Movie was the first attempt to bring a live-action take on the Man Of Steel to the big screen since color films were invented. Before that you had the serials and Superman And The Mole Men (later turned into an episode of the Adventures Of Superman series it was introducing), plus the animated shorts. It did very well and of course a sequel was made, simply titled Superman II. It wasn’t as good despite being mostly decent but the quality dropped from there, and that’s coming from a guy who honestly likes the third movie.

While much of the blame is put on the replacement director there were a lot of other problems involved behind the scenes, including why Richard Donner was replaced by Richard Lester. JoBlo takes a look at why the sequel failed to live up to the original.

I haven’t seen the infamous “Donner cut” of the movie but if the “spins the Earth fast to reverse time” ending remained it was still a terrible ending no matter which movie it was in. I have my problems with even the first movie but overall I thought it was good and having essentially two directors could explain the problems with Superman II, which I do have some more complaints in. (Oddly the cellophane S isn’t one of them. It could have been something he prepared beforehand to get an extra advantage.) Lester’s tone was not always the best, but it’s still better than Man Of Steel.

For more JoBlo documentaries check out his YouTube channel.

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