You’d think the “journey of a lifetime” would start on the show but after her first season it doesn’t appear so.

Doctor Who Free Comic Book Day issue 2019

Titan Comics (2019)

WRITER: Jody Houser

ARTISTS: Giorgia Sposito with Roberta Ingranata & Valeria Favoccia

COLORIST: Tracy Bailey

LETTERING: John Roshelle & Sarah Jacobs

EDITOR: Jonathan Stevenson

“Letting” the TARDIS take them someplace, the Doctor and her friends arrive at an alien amusement park. They have a good time until Graham plays one game without being told the stakes, that the loser becomes part of the prize pool. With Ryan’s assistance and a little sonic screwdriver help the Doctor manages to win the game and rescue Graham and the other victims and shuts the game down.

Original Twitter review: I was worried given the first few episodes of the show, but this was actually good. Doctor saves her friends from a crooked game of chance. Better than the show’s done. I liked it.

What they got right: Maybe it’s because the story is not the length of a full episode, but we do get to see more of 13th’s good points and character without the bad qualities getting in the way. She actually takes charge of the situation and comes up with a plan. She’s not one of the more physical Doctors but does succeed at coming up with risky but mostly successful plans quickly as she does here. I guess at some point Ryan did accept Graham as his grandfather after the few episodes I watched so good on him.

What they got wrong: Yaz does almost nothing here. There’s still a certain flatness to the characters that I seem to be filling in with my head more than the comic does, but the Titan Who comics are not always that strong to me anyway, at least when it comes to these short Free Comic Book Day stories. It could be the spacing they have.

Recommendation: I enjoyed it more than the few episodes I brought myself to watch but still just barely decent enough to recommend as a curiosity. Maybe if your store has leftovers out next year try it out but it’s not one I’d pay eBay scalper prices for.


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