The internet has given rise to whole new types of productions as people not concerned with short-sighted producers and standards and practices boards have been more willing to experiment just for fun only to create something new. This isn’t always a GOOD thing mind you but we can take that case by case.

One new type of video that has gained a large fan base is the “abridged series”, a parody that follows the story beats of a given show, anime being the most popular works to use, but in a shortened form and combined with humor. However, what qualifies as an abridged series seem to be getting murky as many parodies have called themselves abridged but aren’t telling a shorter version of an episode. It’s just a regular parody, qualifying as fair use only as a transformative work of parody. It might be funny but that doesn’t make it abridged.

So what is the difference? YouTuber The Cartoon Cypher recently had this discussion with one of the legends of the abridged series, Team Four Star’s Scott Frerichs, aka “KaiserNeko”. His work on projects like Dragon Ball Z Abridged and Hellsing Ultimate Abridged as well as actual DBZ games and the group’s recent work on a non-abridged anime dubbing for the movie Hells gives him a unique bit of insight into what is an isn’t officially an abridged series. Let’s get our labels correct here.

To follow Team Four Star’s work, visit their main YouTube channel, which includes links to their other YouTube channels. You can catch more of Cartoon Cypher’s commentaries and interviews on their YouTube channel.

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