This has been a recovery week for me. I missed a few articles and stuff because I was having trouble staying awake. This includes not completing a Jake & Leon strip this week. I could have thrown something together but I want to try to get back on schedule and not produce crap comics (on purpose, anyway), so no comic this week. However I’m hopefully going to be back on track. I’ve started sleeping better for one thing. So there is content coming up.

For one thing it’s time for the conclusion of Tom Clancy’s Op-Center on Chapter By Chapter. I’ve chosen my next book and this one is going to be a bit lighter before getting back into a longer book. That’s the good thing about young reader books. We’ll also get to the TOS Star Trek comics this week, and I made a goof last week. Apparently the comic I’m starting on is from DC’s first run on the series. Most of their stuff took place during the movie period of Star Trek so I got a bit confused. This story takes place during the original five year mission, but I think the second run comes up after that before we finally get into DC’s original run, plus Marvel had the license during the period between the first and second movie so we’ll get that as well. Otherwise it’s time for the crew most of you know and love.

I don’t know what else is coming due to whatever’s going to happen this week but I will bring you interesting and fun reviews, trivia, and commentary as I always try to. And I’ll actually be mostly awake while doing so!

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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