I just realized that by the time I’m done th e2019 Free Comic Book Day reviews will end up more like a “Yesterday’s” Comic review than a Today’s Comic review.

Some people take Santa’s rejection letter from the sleigh team a bit too hard.

Ghost Hog: Free Comic Book Day Special

Oni Press (May, 2019)


Two stories follow the adventures of Truff, a boar seeking revenge on the hunter that killed her, and her two spirit friends, only one of whom is named in the comic. That would be Claude, trying to warn her that obsession can cause you to lose yourself just as they come across the ghost of a deer in a pit, cursing himself for getting trapped there while trying to reach an apple. Truff tries to help but it’s not shown if she is successful, which is too bad. Maybe that’s not the point of the story, but to warn about getting so caught up in a personal tragedy that it consumes you, but it feels like it was cut short without a resolution. I do like how the angry spirits turn into this spectral firelike versions of themselves when when in a rage state.

The second tale have our trio coming across a beaver fishing. Truff gets a bit upset when she learns he’s going to eat the fish, apparently forgetting the food chain (granted it isn’t clear if Truff was hunted for food or sport) until a giant “water lion” tries to consume their spirits. It’s okay but I would have rather have seen the space used to resolve the first story.

The original Twitter review: Truff is the ghost of a boar seeking revenge on the hunter who killed her. Oddly the animals are anthropomorphic which is kind of odd. The story itself as she helps a fellow lost spirit and saves her friends were otherwise good and I did the art style. (That should have been “DIG the art style”–SWT) I’m not sure I’d check out the full series but I recommend it as a good kids comic.

What I meant by the oddness of the anthropomorphic style is that we have animals walking upright (except for the deer oddly) and Truff even wears a scarf around her neck. And yet humans apparently still hunt them. It’s a strange disconnect in my head but the story itself is pretty good and I do like the art style. It’s fun and the ghost effects sell their condition. Overall it is a good comic for kids but still not something I would regularly check out myself.

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