Like any other medium, comics have a lot of pitches for comics that never got past the editor, and some that were killed off in-production. If the publisher or editor-in-chief doesn’t think the comic will find enough readers to make money or if something else happens then they won’t make it. It’s a natural part of the story producing concept and no media type is free of this. There are just too many people looking to create the next big whatever and some of them really shouldn’t be.

What Culture’s comic division lists out 10 such failed attempts at making a comic. You will be surprised how many of the pitches on this list are DC and how often Frank Miller and Steve Gerber comes up. The question is whether or not we were spared.

For more What Culture check out their YouTube channel and their website. Now let’s go over these. My numbering is backwards to their because programming.

  1. They don’t really say what the Batgirl comic would have been about so I can’t really comment.
  2. Frank Miller should never write Superman or Wonder Woman. Every time he does the result is insulting to both characters. I’m not a fan of his take on Batman but at least he seems to care about it.
  3. So Gerber ditched his work to see the Howard The Duck set and for some reason they killed the project. I know Marvel screwed Gerber over but I can see why they didn’t like him.
  4. I refer you to two comments ago.
  5. Honestly, Pandora Pann doesn’t sound like my kind of comic, but it might have been good.
  6. I wrote about The Governator when it was first revealed. It’s a shame he screwed that up.
  7. A manga-style Wonder Woman might have been interesting. Unless you look at the Marvel Mangaverse and cringe.
  8. I have no interest in most of Alan Moore’s work, including this one.
  9. We’re going to have to dissect “Superman 2000” in the future, but the short version is “thank Rao this never happened”! I don’t think it was just because Waid was “too stoked”. To quote my comment to the video: “Superman would have been so overpowered even I couldn’t get behind it, and Mxyzptlk would pull a Mephisto and end the Supermarriage among other things. Superman does not have to be the most powerful character in the DC Universe.”
  10. You lost me at Billy Batson: sexual degenerate. Again, not a fan of Moore’s take on superheroes or much of his other work.

So ten comics, most of which the world is better off for not having come into existence. I wonder what else ended up on the rejected pitch pile?

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