The card battle game. From Magic: The Gathering to Yu-Gi-Oh to Pokemon this new form of card game has taken off in both the real and virtual space. When I was a kid you had the regular playing cards but you also had specialty card games like Old Maid or Uno. I have one around here somewhere that featured dinosaurs, and over at The Clutter Reports I looked at a Godzilla game called Godzilla Stomp that I have not actually played because you need someone to play with and I’m not sure about the rules anyway. We also have a copy of Mille Bornes around here someplace. And of course you have the card games most people think about when they think of card games. I’m pretty good at Blackjack. Not enough to hit the casinos probably but enough to enjoy it as a video game.

In a discussion of “rougelike” card battle games, the team at Extra Credits looked over the history of card games from the traditional through trading cards and into the card battle games that take elements of both. Since I’m not in a good mood today (I’ll explain why tomorrow) I need something fun and some interesting trivia should do nicely.

Catch more Extra Credits on their YouTube channel. I’ll also throw in their Kickstarter sponsor’s link in case you want to learn more about the game that inspired the video.

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