Justin Hammer doesn’t like his portrayal in the MCU.

Iron Man: Bad Blood #4


Marvel Comics (December, 2000)

“Terminal Space”

PLOT: David Michelinie & Bob Layton

WRITER: David Michelinie

ARTIST: Bob Layton

COLORIST: Steve Oliff

LETTERER: Troy Peteri

EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

Iron Man manages to restart Rhodey’s heart. The pair and Jocasta get to work trying to find the Evader armor, which went to a space station. They’re also able to put things together and realize that Justin Hammer is behind this. (We learn later he needs to be in a zero-g environment due to whatever he’s dying from.) Using one of his space armors, Iron Man heads into space and takes down Hammer’s men by exploiting the Evaders’ weakness and the goons’ own stupidity. Then he confronts Hammer and in the battle Hammer is launched into space, frozen in his own pool’s water, possibly floating in space in hibernation forever.

What they got right: The story wraps up well. Happy is back at work, Hammer is defeated and the Evaders aren’t in the hands of the bad guys. Tony’s return to himself isn’t instantaneous and he has to deal with some waning influences but manages to overcome with the help of his friends.

What they got wrong: I still wonder if the art was rushed or something because this is not Layton’s best work.

Recommendation: The miniseries is really good and worth picking up.

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