Dexter’s Laboratory started out as a fun show. A tale of a supergenius boy dealing with his constantly annoying older sister and a scientific rival made for great action and more importantly great comedy. And then something happened. The show took a nosedive in quality just in a season change. What happened? Why did this show fail so spectacularly when it used to be really awesome? Steve Reviews takes a look at why this show went from one of the best to one of the worst so fast. And as you can tell from the article title Dexter wasn’t the only one to suffer from losing the same showrunner.

The Powerpuff Girls was about three “perfect little girls”, kindergarten crimefighters who fought evils that would give Superman problems. This show was also action-packed comedy, and this too suffered even before that terrible reboot in 2016. Luckily we can talk about that, too.

Catch more of Steve on his YouTube channel. And count me among the people who hated the new change. The same thing affected The Powerpuff Girls when Genndy turned his focus onto Samurai Jack but at least the writers who took over that show still managed to be good (on occasion) and the only change to the art was crisper art with lesser (and unnecessary) art changes. I mean the quality still went down but it is still better than the more recent reboot. Oh, he talked about that series, too.

There were some good stories in 5&6. Not many but I liked the Justice Friends crossover they mentioned, even if they did make the JF into misogynist jerks who were against the girls joining and not because they were kindergartners and why was I defending this period again? Oh right, because it wasn’t the other two later versions. Maybe they should have just finally aired Powerpuff Girls Z (the Japanese re-imagining that actually does have an English dub already available) and not try to remake the wheel. And that’s coming from someone who is not usually pro-re-imagining so that tells you how bad the franchise fell. It’s a good thing we had comics to fix the problem. Wait, did anybody read the IDW comics of these shows? I know the Samurai Jack run was good; what about the Powerpuff Girls comic?

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