I had planned a commentary for today but it didn’t work out. I’ll save it for next week and bring you this instead.

There’s a new process called “deepfake” that is both amazing and terrifying. Terrifying because used by bad people it could be used to make that sci-fi gimmick of using computers to fake something criminal or otherwise damaging become reality. Hollywood however is trying to use it for long-term franchises to allow a dead performer a chance to play his or her character one last time. Like every computer generated effect it takes talent and the right software to pull it off convincingly. Even with a big budget this doesn’t always happen.

The crew at Corridor Digital, the Corridor Crew, takes a look at these successes and failures to see what they did right. In a second video they try this trick themselves and show how it can be pulled off. You will be amazed and terrified. And not always for the reason I gave above. Some of these are terrible.

Some people use deepfakes to show off or for comedic purposes but given how even the press can be fooled by a website everyone else on the internet knows is a parody site there’s still room for concern. Meanwhile, the Crew decided to take up their own challenge with Tom Cruise by having him stop by. Or did they?

So, are you excited by what this technology can do, or are you scared for how this can be misused. You can also be both. I am.

Catch more Corridor Crew videos, including more visual effects reviews, on their YouTube channel. Then go to Corridor Digital’s channel to see what they make themselves, and if you can’t get enough they also have a podcast.

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