I don’t usually do horror stories but the events that led to it are interesting given it involves people I follow. Until all the drama happened and contributors fled the site in droves, Channel Awesome used to do an annual get together of people on the site, usually the more popular people. the stories usually involved some enemy that the group had to fight, but wasn’t always researched the best as to what happens on the individual web shows, even when they had clear storylines involving fighting the forces of evil during their reviews.

Lewis Lovhaug, aka Linkara, missed doing these movies, if only because he liked hanging out with his friends. The sets themselves apparently were not the best run, something they fixed for Demo Reel and the reborn Nostalgia Critic shows, but often made making the movies terrible. Using that as a sort of metatext Lovhaug and co-writer Leslie Rice brought as much of the old crew together as they could, as well as former CA contributors who didn’t get to be in the movies. The result was A Voice In The Dark, a six-part audio drama in which a mysterious force known only as The Voice targets our heroes, and I don’t mean for a singing competition. Can these few reviewers deal with a cosmic threat, numerous betrayals, and their own wacky personalities to save the world or are we doomed?

Fun fact: Back when I was with Reviewers Unknown one of our contributors, TestZero, wanted to do a video about trying to make our own anniversary video but nobody having the time or money to put it together…but none of us had the time to put it together. I’m pretty sure that’s irony (darn you, Alanis Morissette!). I wonder if we could have actually done an audio drama? Ah, what might have been. Enjoy this playlist of all six part of A Voice In The Dark so I don’t have to embed six videos and you don’t have to download and click on them all. Apparently some mistakes will be fixed for the DVD release, so if you spot them let Linkara know.

Am I wrong to suspect the only reason Lovhaug did this was get to do the “Time Warp” song? I don’t follow everyone that was on the show, but here are the ones I do, because I like to support stuff I enjoy.

The rest aren’t people I follow and a few I didn’t even know about until this drama so you’ll have to hunt them down on your own. Unless you’re a crazed doll, in which case please don’t.

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