“Man, that was some party last night. I have an epic hangover.”

Star Trek #77

DC Comics (November, 1995)


WRITER: Kevin J. Ryan

PENCILER: Rachel Forbes-Seese

INKER: Mark Heike

COLORIST: Ray Murtaugh

LETTERER: Phil Felix

EDITOR: Margaret Clark

While investigating attacks on a Federation ship the Enterprise is attacked by a Romulan ship, the battle leaving both ships damaged. It’s a race to fix their ships, the Romulan commander blaming the Federation for similar attacks on their vessels. Finally seeing evidence of a third-party involved and heading their way, the Romulan agrees to work with Kirk’s team to get their ships fight-ready and ultimately sacrifices his ship and crew to stop the enemy.

What they got right: This is a good start to this storyline. A third (later fourth as the Klingons also get involved) faction trying to start war between everyone else. Certain angles are taken right out of the show, which I appreciate, and the likenesses are darn close.

What they got wrong: I’m not sure why everyone slowly starts wearing green jumpsuits. I though the colorist was messing up at first. They’ve done repairs in their normal clothes before and time is rather important in this story. The crosshatch shading does look right at times and clashes with the colorist’s better shading and skin tones.

Recommendation: So far a good start to the story. We’ll see how this goes but mildly recommended for the curious for now.

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