Let’s have a little fun tonight. There are two versions of LEGO movies out there. One is the theatrical “universe” that builds off of the concepts of the theatrical LEGO movies. The other is based more on parodies and the toys themselves rather than a world being imagined by a kid playing with LEGOs, which worked in the first The LEGO Movie, didn’t do so well in the spinoffs, and I haven’t seen the second main movie to comment. I kind of prefer the LEGO direct to video and TV versions of the LEGO parodies since they’re straight up parodies of the source material. LEGO Batman: The Movie is better in my opinion than the theatrical The LEGO Batman Movie.

Since LEGO has a license for toys based on both DC and Marvel properties they’ve done specials based on those properties. For Disney XD they’ve  made a series of half-hour specials featuring the Marvel heroes. Tonight I’m bringing you (if it’s still up) LEGO Marvel Spider-Man: Vexed By Venom, a special that features the plastic web-head dealing with Green Goblin (played by former Spidey VA Josh Keaton) and Venom, who want to destroy the city. He will have help from LEGO Ghost Spider, but will that be enough? Also we get giant robots because giant robots are awesome. Enjoy!

Marvel HQ has various Marvel shows on their YouTube channel, and it’s an official channel.

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