Captain Kirk runs into Santa’s elite guard.

Star Trek: Year Four #2

IDW Publishing (August, 2017)

Look, I know IDW doesn’t really like giving their stories titles, but this is STAR TREK! Even crappy episodes have had good titles! Screw it, I’m calling it “The Crystal Cold”.

WRITER: David Tischman

ARTIST: Steve Conley

COLORIST: Leonard O’Grady

LETTERER: Neil Uyetake

EDITOR: Dan Taylor

Stopping on Aarak 3 to resupply their dilithium Kirk, Spock, and McCoy learns about a group of traditionalists who don’t like the Federation and their weather-altering machines. They believe the dilithium is sacred and want to return to their all-polar planet. They come up with a plan to kidnap Kirk and blow him up with the mines, while the daughter of the leader tries to sabotage the ship while distracting Scotty. Both plans fail, and the leader turns out to be behind the attempt to blow up the ship. With the mines buried, the crew leaves, the future of Aarak 3 uncertain.

What they got right: The story idea is sound. We have traditionalists versus modern society, which we’ve seen before and since in the franchise, but having both sides out to get them makes for an interesting idea.

What they got wrong: Except no reason is given for the leader and his daughter wanting to blow up the Enterprise. I don’t see what they hoped to gain by this. And if the leadership slipped them a bad crystal where are they going to get more? I thought the ship diverted here because they really needed a new “battery”?

Recommendation: A story that feels half-finished because only one side has an actual motive. Not really one to go crazy tracking down.

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  1. Sean says:

    You came up with a decent title for this comic book issue.


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