Okay, we need to discuss the naming issue here. As you’ll see, the cover reads Robotech Macross Missions: Excalibur Quaking Thunder. The inside cover reads Macross Missions: Excalibur II (a Robotech Adventure) with the story titled “Quaking Thunder”. The indicia says Robotech: Excalibur II #1 (A Macross Macross Missions Adventure) and the previous issues of this story also had Macross Macross Missions so it’s not a simple typo. And on every page at the bottom it reads Macross Missions Excalibur #2. For crying out loud JUST CHOOSE A NAME!

Academy Comics  (July, 1996)


The Daedalus captain, who is against the whole refit of the Battloids, locks up Ken for his rescue and the chief for punching Ken for his rash actions. And yes, he knows full well it will put the project behind schedule (and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s doing it on purpose). However, Gloval orders him released when word of the rescue reaches the press. With Headquarters calling for a quarantine on the ship (we’ll find out why in the episodes/adaptation reviews) supplies aren’t coming but some ships want to sneak out and get stuff anyway. Ken’s problems aren’t over when one of Hilary’s fans drunkenly takes over a Battloid and tries to kill him. Ken is forced to fight back in one of his own but the fight breaks out the Chief, who comes up with a plan to disable both mecha. I get the feeling had this series continued things would get worse for Ken and the jerk captain would continue to disrupt the refit, and that the “Hillary incident” would creep up again even though the matter is considered closed.

What they got right: There’s a lot of potential for good stories here with these characters that we sadly lost when Academy lost the license, although I wonder if they intended to continue the series. They’re all interesting characters with their own motivation. Unlike the Titan run my friend exposed me to the personality conflicts here, while harsher than in the show, add a bit of flavor while not being disruptive to the tone of show or missing the shared theme of war and (potentially) romance.

What they got wrong: A few errors with the word balloons in the wrong order or not appearing to point to the right people.

Recommendation: The “Macross Mission” trilogy is a good example of expanding the Robotech universe by finding good potential during the events of the show. I recommend checking them out.

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