Oh I wish we could get a proper adaptation of this story.

This is going to take a slightly longer breakfast (the video clocks in at a little over 45 minutes) but when I see something that gets into the heart of what makes Superman great AND pushes back against his critics and haters, I need to share it with the world. SF Debris just yesterday posted a review of Superman Vs. The Elite, a direct-to-video movie adapting the comic story “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice, And The American Way?”, a story that in either form explains just WHY we need Superman more than ever in his iconic state and why if someone came along with his powers we’d pray that he followed Superman’s philosophy.

The review itself also looks at our modern world and shows how we ARE getting better as a people despite all the horrible things we see in the news lately. Extremists and crazy people (sorry for repeating myself) are a huge problem on pretty much every perspective imaginable from political to geek culture but the species as a whole have made great advancements. So maybe Superman is right to see the good in us even when evil manifests?

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