I knew this new aftershave was a bad move.

Iron Man volume 3 #43

Marvel Comics (August, 2001)

“The Big Bang Theory” part 2

WRITER: Frank Tieri

PENCILER: Keron Grant

INKERS: Stull & Perrotta

COLORIST: Edgar Tadeo

LETTERING: Sharpefont



The safest place to let his armor explode is at Avengers Mansion so Iron Man races to get there. In his way is Mr. Hyde, who doesn’t stop the hero but does slow him down. Iron Man barely makes it in time…only for nothing to happen. It was a false timer as the real bomb was back in Askew Electronics.

What they got right: This issue was actually not so bad story-wise. It’s a good dodge from a clever villain, and the fight with Mr. Hyde was well-done.

What they got wrong: Or would have been if the art wasn’t still so terrible. The proportions are still so very bad.

Recommendation: This issue isn’t too bad but the story hasn’t been recommendable since Tiberius Stone was introduced and the art still stinks. It’s a bright writing spot in a terribly uninteresting run and I can’t really recommend it at this time.

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