There’s also a bathroom and the place they park Fizzbin’s ship, but we’ve never been to those rooms. Inside anyway.

I go over it a bit more in the commentary (click to comic to see it in the archives) but I’ve set comics in the break room and had to keep checking old strips to see what it looks like. The green room is easy, it’s a couch and a doorway but I may expand that in the future. I had the same problem with the art studio so I did the same thing here I did there and made a dedicated set. I still prefer to draw it out, but now I have template I can also just put into the comic in an emergency.

Over at The Clutter Reports this week I had to clean the bathroom so no actual clutter cleaning, just plain old cleaning.

So now that I’m all caught up with this year’s Free Comic Book Day haul Saturday is going back to getting caught up on the comiXology library for the  Saturday comic review. We’re also nearing the end of the Radioactive Man comics so I’ll be moving further through my library in a few weeks, after the Simpsons Super Specials I have yet to review, some of which also feature Radioactive Man. And Bartman. Who remembers Bartman?

I have heard about Sony and Marvel having a falling out over the MCU Spidey movies. I think it’s over percentage or something but since I’m having a hard enough time dodging Avengers spoilers (remember, I only recently got up to Age Of Ultron) and spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home I find it a bit difficult to cover MCU-related stuff. I don’t like what I’m hearing about Black Widow as I mentioned, but until I see the Infinity movies and Guardians Of The Galaxy volumes 1 and 2 I’m a bit limited if I want to get any enjoyment out of those movies. I will have other discussion topic for the week and I’m sure something else coming out of the Disney D23 event over the weekend I’ll want to discuss, but I won’t be talking Spidey news currently. What will I discuss? I guess we’ll both find out beyond the continuing Chapter By Chapter review of Robin Hood’s ye old adventures. Have a good week, everyone!

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    I still have to get to your Atari Force review and the Teela’s Quest video. Those should be pretty good. On a side note, I saw cosplayers dressed like Robin Hood times at the state park with the English style house on Saturday. The two cosplayers were getting photographed by a friend. I’m not certain if they were representing a certain television show, movie, book, or video game.


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