With the recent announcement of Masters Of The Universe: Revelation and the odd choice to focus on Teela rather than He-Man it seems a pertinent time to my potential reader numbers to talk about some of the supposed dangling threads of the original series. As in this is the only one I know of. “Teela’s Quest” is written by Paul Dini, who would go on to earn a name for himself on shows like Batman: The Animated Series and the rest of the DCAU. The story follows Teela’s quest (fittingly) to learn who her real mother is.

Additionally tonight I’ll be posting a commentary by James Eatock, formerly runner of the Official He-Man channel who also contributed bonus features to the early days of the channel and is one of the foremost authorities on the series both on screen and behind the scenes, plus some extra thoughts of my own. Enjoy.

Teela is a great character and an amazing fighter. She’s a great example of a strong female character who is still feminine and can still kick butt. It’s why I put her on the original list of strong female characters I grew up with, and I could easily make more of those lists. The problem is that she seems to be doing what Adam/He-Man should be doing in seeking the sword. Maybe together they could learn Grayskull’s secrets but despite the off-hand mention of Teela possibly taking over for her mother as the Sorceress (remember, the Sorceress’s real name is Teela-Na) I’m not sure what other dangling threads Kevin Smith, Rob David, and the people behind Revelation are talking about.

But as promised, here’s the “commentary track” for the episode. I want to see if he mentions the story that inspired Teela’s parentage, aka Skeletor’s most disturbing minicomic plans to take over Grayskull ever. There are some interesting history lessons on the episode and the series to be found just the same.

Oh good, he did bring up how Teela became the Sorceress’s daughter in the Filmation continuity because of the origin given in the minicomics, which I reviewed, with Skeletor’s rather disturbing plan when you really think about it. In the 20XX series they seemed to be hinting in the final season that Fisto, Man-At-Arms’ brother in the Mike Young continuity, might be Teela’s biological father and the Sorceress’s missing lover. We also see more of how being separated from her daughter because of her responsibilities as the guardian of Grayskull meaning it wasn’t safe for her to raise her. All we get for baby daddy in this story is that he was a great warrior, and I don’t recall us ever hearing of him again. Considering Teela-Na took over for the Sorceress at an early age (I estimated around 15 when I reviewed the episode in the earlier link) she wasn’t forbidden from having a romance or at least a fling. Take that, Jedi!

Speaking of time, We know that the attempt to sacrifice Zoar, who was protecting baby Teela, happened 20 years earlier in-story. That plays into my theory that Teela, Adam, and by association Adora, are around 20 years old.

For more episodes check out the official He-Man YouTube channel. They only have the rights for the Filmation series, not the two reboots. If you also want to see his sister, you can also check out the classic She-Ra tales on her official channel. It was Teela and the other strong women of He-Man that led to She-Ra, as it showed you could make strong women properly and folks would watch. And if anyone can figure out what other dangling threads this series supposedly has (except maybe He-Man’s origin) put it in the comments and I’ll look into it.

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  1. Sean says:

    Based on what I’ve seen in the videos and read in this article, it appears that it is still unknown as to who Teela’s father is. Tronix…..who do you think is Teela’s father?


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