Folks in the Eastern time zone, back me up here.

This may or may not be happening in other time zones, I can only speak for me living in Connecticut. For the past month or so it seems like CBS News keeps interrupting for unnecessary “special” reports at least once a week. I can understand something that other networks may interrupt for. In a few cases I could even understand a quick report and back to the show. However, when half or more of Let’s Make A Deal keeps getting cut into by some press conference even C-Span isn’t considering covering, when you have a round table discussion and constantly going to reporters in the field for something a local station should be covering with maybe a story on the CBS Evening News, and you do it at least once a week I start questioning your motives. I was hoping that this summer I could miss the other episodes from when the special reports once or twice a month I missed during the year, but that didn’t happen, and half of premiere week, including a full episode for some stupid hearing nobody really cares about, was cut off entirely. If I wanted to watch the news at breakfast I WOULD BE WATCHING A NEWS CHANNEL, NOT A GAME SHOW WITH THE OCCASIONAL IMPROV MOMENT! If this keeps up I may just stop watching the show entirely or watch something else in the morning and see if I can catch it later that day. I want to know who at CBS is trying to kill the rating on Let’s Make A Deal. Are they jealous of Wayne Brady’s success on weekday mornings? Do they wish they had Cat Gray’s music talents or Jonathan Mangum’s comedic talents? Did Tiffany Coine turn them down for the prom? Did I get everyone?

Sorry, I had to rant. With that out of the way let’s talk about more fun things like this week’s Clutter Report. It’s a look at the Micromaster Aerialbots, another review from the Transformers Universe line, the reason things have been so Transformer heavy the past few weekends.

This week I’m finishing Star Trek: Untold Voyages but more Star Trek comic reviews are coming. It’s also the last of the reprints so I can move to the next issue of Iron Man already. Also I’m doing more Simpsons/Radioactive Man comics but I’ve actually reviewed them before as part of Today’s Comic when they first came out. There are so few left I figured “what the heck, just repost them”. It’s not like the other series I stopped because I caught up like Moonstone’s Phantom and IDW’s Transformers. I do want to look at the newest Joker controversy that is about something other than adaptation errors. There’s also more Robin Hood, more Transformers intros, more dub versus sub discussions, and who knows what else this week. Hope you find something in all that which interests you. Have a good week, folks!

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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