So there’s the trailer for the new Harley Quinn movie. I don’t know where this Birds Of Prey trailer is I’ve been hearing about thought. Margot Robbie’s ego moment seems to have pushed them all aside and what they’ve done to Cassandra Cain and Huntress is just insulting to them both in just the bits we’ve seen. Huntress isn’t wearing her costume and you can already tell Cass is lacking her proper personality and is just Harley lite. Black Mask doesn’t even wear his mask, making his name meaningless. They probably should have gone with an original villain, but it’s not like they care anymore.

Somehow this got through but considering how many DC movies have sometimes never gotten TO the scripting stage, never mind past it, this is one of the lucky ones. Not lucky for fans of anyone who isn’t Harley but lucky just the same. Midnight’s Edge looks at a group of movies that were planned but didn’t get made.

Justice League: Mortal is the only one that sounds like it could have worked. The others sound like crap, never mind being poor adaptations of DC’s heroes. I think overall we were better off. I remember Owen Of Owen Likes Comics did a more detailed report as part of a series of failed Justice League movies. Let’s check that out.

It needed more work but it actually sounds like it would have been closer than what we got. Here’s a link to the script if you want to read it for yourself and I want to take a look at it myself.

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