“That’s clearly just you as Radioactive Man.” “Of course not. He shaved.”

Simpsons Comics #155

Bongo Comics Group (2009)

The Best Radioactive Man Event Ever!” part 1

WRITER: Batton Lash

PENCILER: Tone Rodriguez

INKER: Andrew Pepoy

COLORIST: Art Villanueva

LETTERER: Karen Bates

EDITOR: Bill Morrison

Bart, Millhouse, and Martin (I didn’t know his name in the original review but now there’s a wiki for everything) are in the clubhouse discussing their event overload (just like most comics fans, I imagine), and how difficult it’s become to follow everything that’s going on during all these crossovers. The company’s new owner, Krusty the Clown, is convinced they just need a new gimmick, and one of his associates comes up with one. However, they’ve decided that the best way to promote the event without immediately turning off the fans is to not tell them what the “big change” is going to be, which starts a comic feeding frenzy.

What they got right: Nice to see someone inside the industry taking some pop shots at all the crossover events, but Bongo’s Radioactive Man stories are a parody of comics over the years, and in TV and comics, The Simpsons do this sort of thing quite often. It’s like South Park with out the crass, or the old Family Guy. (A friend of mine who has been a die-hard fan of Family Guy was even getting turned off by what they’re doing at the time of the original review but I think he still watches it.)

What they got wrong: On the other hand, they are doing a crossover event themselves, aren’t they? Just saying…and I needed something to put here so, *ahem*…what’s the matter, Bongo, couldn’t fit Futurama Comics in some how? No chrome colored variant covers done by a former artist? How am I supposed to pay for my future grandkids’ college fund? (justkiddingpleasedon’thurtme).

Recommendation: Some good catharsis for the crossover mania. Let’s see what happens when the story continues in Bart Simpson #48.

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