This is how we ended up with Batman V Superman.

Justice League Adventures #6

DC Comics (June, 2002)

“Wolf’s Clothing”

WRITER: Dan Slott


INKER: Dan Davis

COLORIST: John Kalisz


LETTERER: Kurt Hathaway


EDITOR: Dan Raspler

Chronos has captured Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman, and is auctioning them off to the super villains. Of course there is little honor among thieves and the plan hits a snag when Chronos arrives. See, this was actually a plan by the League to grab a whole ton of supervillains. I won’t tell you how they pulled it off.

What they got right: There are some good surprise dodges as to who is who, and to say more would spoil it. The standout to me were the Rogues of Central City in how they stick together and Captain Cold wonders what they’re doing there when Flash isn’t among those being auctioned, but they all put together the trap. Superman and Batman’s villains among the ranks also get to shine for a minute.

What they got wrong: I’m just going to guess the few Wonder Woman foes in attendance didn’t have time to show off, but the only one I recognize is Cheetah. I do wonder how Batman knew Amazo was faking his disguise and he’s one of the assembled villains who probably wouldn’t take part in an auction. I can’t say I know who Evilstar is and one of them appears to be Metamorpho but I could be getting him wrong.

Recommendation: What happened to this Dan Slott? This is actually a story I recommend checking out because it’s a lot of fun and actually has a good grasp on the DC villains, and what’s here could work just as well in the DCAU (mainly Flash’s rogues) as they do in the main DC Universe.

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