In hindsight I should have worked some red trunks into that image.

Martin Scorsese’s comments about superhero movies not being cinema has elicited a lot of conversation, or at least I hope it has since most of what I’ve seen is ranting about how wrong he is. Personally I disagree with him and a few other directors who prefer their kind of movie. They aren’t wrong for not liking superhero movies because that’s their preference and that’s fine. It’s when they trash those movies as “not cinema” that I start getting concerned. Movies, Movies, Movies contributor tjnsk makes the case that bashing superhero films while promoting your own (although Todd Philips purposely make Joker as a movie against superhero movies–maybe he should have made a Bizzaro film?) may not be not be good for the future of the movie theater. I would add that in poor taste but these directors strike me as the type that are too snobbish about their craft to care. Included in the post are links to other sites discussing this issue.

And no, linking to my site does not immediately get you a link back. It just happens so rarely and it happened to be tied to the type of storytelling discussions I have around here.

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