With Halloween coming up next week I thought this one was pretty good timing. I hadn’t heard of this special but someone in a Facebook group I follow posted it and it’s something I wanted to share. Animated spin-offs of live-action shows are nothing new. Hanna-Barbera and Filmation both put out some pretty good ones. Others have tried. For example I saw a Coneheads animated special as a kid that served as a pilot for a full animated series. It was not successful and neither was tonight’s entry.

Then again, trying to reboot The Munsters has never worked. The Munsters Today wasn’t as funny and Mockingbird Lane looked so lame that I didn’t even bother watching it. In 1973 ABC’s Saturday Superstar Movie (renamed The New Saturday Superstar Movie for that second season) aired The Mini-Munsters, a pilot by Fred Calvert Productions later released in a half-hour cut down edit, which is sadly the only version I could find on YouTube at this time. Only Al Lewis returns from the series to play Grandpa Munster, who creates a machine that allows cars to run on music, while Eddie forms a rock bad with two of his cousins from Transylvania. Also Eddie gets his first car, a hearse (of course) that is haunted by the ghost of the funeral director (of course). This all puts them in trouble with mobsters who took over a local refinery and is selling bad gasoline because it’s a cartoon and only needs to follow kid logic. You can tell there are scenes missing but I’m only posting this for the novelty. I can believe it never made it to full series.

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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  1. Sean says:

    I could only handle 3 minutes of this Munsters cartoon. Yes, I can thoroughly understand why this pilot episode did not become a full series. But the unique animation style has peaked my curiosity to find out what animation company created it.


    • Fred Cavert Productions I believe.


      • Sean says:

        Yes, I did see that in my online research. Fred Cavert Productions also created an animated Lost in Space pilot episode for The New Saturday Superstar Movie on ABC. Even though The Mini-Munsters and Lost in Space animated pilots didn’t become full series, other toons show on New Saturday Saturday Superstar Movie did end up with full series.

        Fred Cavert Productions has a unique looking animation style. That’s what caught my eye. I just couldn’t handle the dialogue and action in the cartoon, but I do admire the animation styling, if that makes any sense. Some live action shows don’t translate well into animation, and some animation shows don’t transfer so readily into live action.


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