” ‘You should wear a spacesuit’ my foot. I’m fine!”

The Talus Montage (preview)

Void Publishing (1997)

WRITER: Scott Mackillican

ARTIST: Mike Butcher

I don’t know for sure where I got this. I didn’t start going to conventions until the 2000s because I didn’t know Connecticut had them. This was either Free Comic Book Day or some other kind of free giveaway. I just recently uncovered it during my last clutter organizing project and thought it should be reviewed.

The planet Talus needs a new power source or the city of Illiam Cor, it’s only city, may perish. Knowing this, the merchant who has the fuel they need to launch the Gamorrah into space to find that source works himself a sweet deal for himself and his son. The king knows he’s being manipulated but is desperate to save his city. However, the focus is on the prince, Thrazen, who wishes he could join his fiance on that trip but his father refused. Considering the boy is unwell that might be for the best. Meanwhile his friend and one of the surviving members of the dragon clan comes down with something worse and becomes comatose. The last chapter is about Thrazen’s training, which is more worldbuilding that story development.

What they got right: There is some decent worldbuilding here. This only the first three chapters in a preview format so I don’t expect more than that really, but we do get a look at the motivations and chicanery in place, and set up Thrazen and his fiance, Illitheen, as well as tease events to come. The art is pretty decent, especially the backgrounds.

What they got wrong: The people are a bit overly detailed, especially in close-ups for my taste but that’s a personal gripe. Sometimes the word balloon placement could use some work and that’s an actual technical complaint.

Recommendation: I’m personally not drawn in enough to track this series down, although apparently only two issues plus this preview was all that they put out according to mycomicshop.com. There are some good ideas so if you see it and have some extra money it might be worth a look.

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