Somehow when I did the original review, which I’ll just be copying over here, I managed to get the name wrong. I don’t know how I KEPT doing that since the comic should have been in front of me and it wasn’t my first issue with that title and I got it right in the file name for the cover scan. I don’t understand my own brain sometimes.

The Tony Awards are getting vicious.

Simpsons Super Spectacular #14

Bongo Comics (2011)

COLORIST: Nathan Hamill

EDITOR: Bill Morrison

Radioactive Man: “Turn Up The Silence”

WRITER: Batton Lash

PENCILER: Bill Galvan

INKER: Mike DeCarlo

Maggie Simpson: “Maggeena’s Den”

WRITER/ARTIST: Serigo Aragones

In the main story, Claude is talked into backing a play based off of his alter-ego, Radioactive Man. However…well, it’s a parody of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, so you can imagine. However, there’s also some villainy afoot as well as a rival play.

In a 3 page back-up Maggie dreams she’s a superhero. Cute, and I will add in this review that Aragones does a good job imitating the Simpsons style, those his signature style also pokes through for characters besides Maggie and Marge, but not much else to say about it. I liked it though.

What they got right: You knew they had to do a parody of the Spider-Man play…and the disaster surrounding it. And they still manage to come up with a fun ending.

What they got wrong: The story otherwise, while having some good jokes (not fall-down hilarious, but smile worth at best), isn’t all that exciting. Maybe it’s because I want to see Radioactive Man fighting bad guys, not working on a musical. Could just be me.

Recommendation: A decent enough comic that’s at least worth a look.

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