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Robotech II: The Sentinels #1

Eternity Comics (November, 1988)

“A New Threat”

WRITERS: Tom Mason & Chris Ulm

ARTIST: Jason Waltrip


LETTERER: Clem Robins

I was hoping to have the video review done in time to explain all this so here’s the short version. With the original Robotech a success, Harmony Gold wanted to create a spinoff series that would allow Macek to fill in the necessary gaps to bring the three anime together into a new continuity. Where did Scott Bernard and Johnathan Wolfe come from and what happened to Admiral Hunter’s fleet? Why weren’t they there for the events of the Second Robotech War. How did Zor gets his hands on the Invid Flower Of Life and why did he act against the Masters later? All this would have been revealed in an original series with no Japanese footage outside of flashbacks, produced by the same Japanese studio that created the original three shows. However, due to various circumstance the series was canceled with only a handful of scripts completed and only three episodes produced. I’ll get more into why it failed when I get to the review of those episodes, edited and released as a movie on VHS, and was one of the remastered projects.

At least nine years after the end of the First Robotech War (aka The Macross Saga) the Robotech Defense Force sets up a daring mission to Tirol, home of the Robotech Masters, in the hopes of averting a second war. However, Admiral Lisa Hayes and Vice Admiral Rick Hunter have one extra concern…their upcoming marriage. While T.R. Edwards, Roy’s old rival from the third World War, plots to use this to take over the military the Invid launch an attack on Tirol, seeking the Flower Of Life. However, the Masters had already left, leaving a few easily defeated and killed civilians behind as well as the scientists Rem and Cabal. The failure to capture the Flower Of Life only deepens the divide between the Regent and his wife, the Regiss. I hope Rick and Lisa’s marriage fairs better.

What they got right: It’s nice to finally be getting the lost tale of Robotech. Due to various rights issues the character models for the characters had to be altered for this series (although the Invid mecha and the Regiss got away with their designs) and the designs here match up perfectly with the Sentinel redesigns.

What they got wrong: The story was not so lucky. I own the original VHS movie release and there are a lot of changes. The spirit of the story is there but the dialog is different, some events were added here or put in different orders and ruins for example Edward’s reveal as the obligatory military antagonist (who in this case may be as evil as the Invid without the sympathetic angle since the source of his existence wasn’t stolen from him). We don’t get to meet Jack Baker, see Minmei’s return, or future Supreme Commander Leonard be a xenophobic jerk. Why are the character and even “set” designs the same but the story only follows the spirit? Were they not allowed access to the few scripts that were written but were allowed to the final concept art?

Recommendation: I haven’t read the novels but you’ll see I love the comic attempts to continue this series via Eternity and later Academy Comics. It’s hard to find and probably not cheap depending on where you find it but if you can I recommend tracking this series down, even if it does end on a cliffhanger. There’s a lot of issues before you get that far, and I’ll be covering the ones I was able to find before learning about the series during the Academy run.


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  1. Sean says:

    Robotech Sentinels is a great extension of the three original Robotech creative spheres (Macross, Masters, New Generation). These comics are worth getting. I only had a few of the Sentinels comics in my younger days, but I do remember they were decent to read. Black and white though if I remember right. Color would have been nice, but even so, the art work and stories were still on point. The Sentinels novels were fine too. I used to have two Sentinels novels, but those are long gone. Tronix, you are quite correct in recommending both the Sentinels comic books and novels for people to look into.

    One is much better off trying out Robotech Sentinels instead of the current Robotech Remixed by Titan Comics. I went to my local comic store yesterday to pick up the new He-Man and the Masters of the Multi-Verse comic book (it looks good and will be a worthwhile limited series to pick up), and I also flipped through a Robotech Remixed comic. I definitely feel like I’m not missing anything by not collecting that particular new comic book version of Robotech. Other thing….there’s a bizarre comic book series out there now that’s called Safe Sex. It’s quite……….freaky and perverted….is the best way to put it. I’m surprised it was out there in plain view where a young kid could see that comic that’s definitely only for mature readers! Also, I saw that IDW has a combo Ghostbusters and Transformers comic book series now. Combinations are clearly still popular in the comics world!


  2. […] the last issue I reviewed and this one the Robotech Expeditionary Force made their way to Tirol only to find the […]


  3. […] curious. How accurate to the original idea the comic and novels were (I already know they messed up a few things) we’ll also never know. You have to give Macek credit for building an entire universe to play […]


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